Sunday, 30 June 2013

Great Ocean road 27th June

A very early start this morning. The bus picked us up at 7am for a trip along the Great Ocean Road. It was going to be a very long day as we weren't due back until 8.30pm. So we settled into our seats and just enjoyed the views.
I'm just going to post the pictures so sit back and enjoy.

Now on this trip there has been a distinct lack of wild life but that was about to change.

You may need to zoom to see the koala.

And parrot do you know you have a Phil on your foot?
More views

And then on our way to the lighthouse for our bbq lunch we can across this cute guy.
The trees were full of koalas but this one was so low down you could have touched him.Don't you wish you could go to sleep on a branch?

Fantastic... Phil saved money no need to go to a koala park!

And the main attraction.

Guess what there aren't twelve. That's the Aussies for you..... always bragging.
Final stop.

A drive home in the dark meant a lot of us caught up on our sleep!

If you are every in Melbourne this is a MUST

Worth the early start.



Saturday, 29 June 2013

wine tour wednesday

It's Wednesday so it must be the wine tour. We set off with yet more beautiful blue skies to the Yarra valley. 
Fantastic scenery.
A glass of fizzy was first up at the Domain Chandon, part of the Moet & Chandon family.
A beautiful farm house greets you as you approach the winery.

As for the wine.....delicious. Fizz is definitely my favouite.
Phil is just the perfect husband and got a few bottles for me.
Owen there's a large parcel coming!!!! 
We are also searching for the bottle that matches this cork?
Back on the bus and onto Balgownie Estate and fabulous Sav Blanc and lunch. Gorgeous setting, lovely food and fab wine.

Sorry ate the food before I photographed it.Can you see the Kangaroos in the field under the tree? Zoom in to get a closed look. You may have noticed that they are only sculptures. We haven't seen any real ones yet.

 The next winery was totally different, a tin barn full of character (and wine).

I spotted these on the counter.

Just love bar humour.
another parcel on the way!!!
Final stop and I was beginning to flag. The wines were blending into one another.

But here we found a guy who really loved his job and he was so refreshing.
Spot the lions fans.
And check out the empty bottles after the tasting.
Only joking!!! These were a display of how the bottles were riddled(turned) by hand before it was mechanised.There was also a deli attached with local produce.

Yummy chocolate but I resisted..too full of wine.
Here's a couple of views from the restaurant.

And finally I'd like to leave you with this.



Friday, 28 June 2013

Hello Melbourne

We arrived in the dark on Monday evening so we didn't get to see much of the city. So we got up early this morning with the intent to check out what's to do here. But first I must show you what is in the foyer of our hotel.

Yes a .......Chocolate shop... heavenly.

Another glorious blue sky and we had prepared for cold windy weather in Melbourne.

Today we are going to explore Melbourne on Shanke's pony (by foot for those of you not familiar with the term). Melbourne is a much older city and has a lot of history centred around the gold rush. 

Grab a cuppa lots of photos today.

First we had to pay our respects to the local lad. Captain Cook.
This is Captain Cook's family home from Great Ayton. Carefully dismantled and transported to the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne in the 1930s. They have reconstructed the home and we felt quite proud as we wandered round. 

Our only criticism was the commentary was done in a Geordie accent!

It is in the top ten visitors  attractions in Australia.

The gardens were beautiful.

Next stop sports arenas, they are sports mad here but fortunately most of the arenas are close together. We walked around the MCG (cricket).

 Rod Laver Centre (tennis)

Unfortunately we couldn't get to see the courts so I've put that on my wish list!

As we walked around the city we saw lots of street graffiti some good, some bad and some AMAZING.

How do they do that on such a large scale? Fantastic.

Next stop the State Library. An amazing building with a glass dome. We took the lift to level6 and were greeted with this fabulous sight.
As we looked over the balcony we saw this beautiful library set out.
It was so so quiet and yes I was tempted to shout BOO!

We wandered around the Ned Kelly exhibition
I don't know why they only had one boot? Maybe a souvenir hunter got the other.

Time for a spot of lunch in the pub next door. You may have noticed a lack of cake on this tour but believe you me I've tried to find them. So my fingers are crossed for Sydney when we meet up with Charlie & Robyn. For goodness sake they must know where the cake is!

They city has many beautiful buildings and arcades so here's a few.
The railway station.

The Royal Arcades.
The sky scrapers.

The AAMI stadium lit up for the evening game against the local team the Melbourne Rebels. 

A close game Rebels 0 Lions 35.

The perfect end to a great day in Melbourne and this how many steps we did.
A whopping 22389 steps record for us.
Which now means we can stay in bed tomorrow and we will still have done our daily 10 thousand!!!!!