Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sat 29th Oct The party’s over

Can’t believe that it’s almost over, 8 weeks of fun and now we have to start making our way home. But before we do we have a few hours to kill before going to the airport. Opposite the hotel is Hyde pier, a sort of outdoor museum. They have several boats/ships moored up for you to explore for a very small fee of $5.  Boating enthusiasts spend their spare time lovingly restoring sailing crafts of all types.

We spotted this one from our part of the world which had been towed half way round the world. It looks as though it needs a lot of work doing.
This ferry was the main method of crossing the bay until the Golden Gate Bridge was built. In fact the dockside was part of Highway 1. They have some of the old vehicles that used the ferry.

They even have one of those old flicker viewing machines, where you put in a $ and see the old photos. Phil took command.
Up on deck we spotted these beauties basking in the sun
These are not seals in the water but very keen swimmers.
Oh well time to set off but not before we had a ride down Lombard Street. Our taxi driver kindly drove down this very, very twisty street which is a famous sight in San Francisco.

That’s it folks party’s over. Thanks for following  and you comments we have had a whale of a time.

My next post will be a list of links to all the accommodation, food and places we have visited just in case  you fancy a trip yourselves.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fri 28th Oct The Bike ride of all Bike rides!

Ok so this sounded fun when it was suggested that we should cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge but after 8 weeks of eating, drinking and generally being lazy this was a bit of a challenge!
But the sun was shining and there were lots of people on the cycle path so it couldn't be that hard could it?. First obstacle a rather steep hill, so I got off and pushed! At the top of the hill we overlooked Fort Mason which was the embarkation site for the forces/supplies going out to the Pacific during WW2.

As we got nearer the views of the Bridge were spectacular.

At the base of the bridge is an old fortification Fort Point, so we took a break and spent some time 
looking around.

We couldn’t put it off anymore so we mounted our cycles and set off  for the bridge. Before we knew it we were half way there.

We pushed on and crossed the bridge. We can now proudly say we cycled the Golden Gate Bridge!
There is a fabulous viewing point on the other side and the views are magnificent.

On the way back we stopped here for an ice cream but this being San Francisco and so health concious it was frozen low fat yoghurt. A bit late for us I think!

Home tomorrow we can’t believe we’ve been away 8 weeks it’s gone so quickly and if we had the energy we’d do it all again!