Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Blue Mountains

3 days in a glorious  setting that words cannot describe the utter beauty so I'm going to let the photos do the talking.
 miles and miles and miles of eucalyptus trees.


 cliff paths.

travel by sky walk, cable car or very steep railway.
Walk the boardwalks through the rain forest

 Did you spot the Lyrebirds?
Rock formations known as the Three sisters

Then as the weather changed.
We headed for the local pub and that fab log fire.

The Blue Mountains are must see if you are ever in Australia, but don't be fobbed off with a day trip you need to spend time here to really appreciate the beauty.

Our journey home starts tomorrow. We have really enjoyed Australia even if it is their winter (it was warm enough for us). Plus the added excitement of the Lions and a chance to meet up with Charlie & Robyn made this a holiday to remember.

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So all I can say is.....


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  1. WOW! Such fantastic sights, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Teresa x


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