Friday, 5 July 2013


Here we are in Sydney famous for it's bridge (built by Dorman Long Middlesbrough) and the Opera house.
This is the view from our hotel room.
We had arranged to meet Charlie and Robyn at the Queen Victoria Building. An amazing piece of architecture. 

The inside is stunning.
This clock re-enacts the beheading of Charles the 1st every hour on the hour.
We haven't seen this happen yet.
As we walked down to the Opera house we spotted a couple of locals doing their thing on the quay side.
As you can see the sun is shining again, we have been so lucky with the weather, it's just like summer.

 This building is the iconic symbol of Australia. It's beautiful.
But not as beautiful as "our" bridge.

If we get beat on Saturday I think we should ask for it back!

Lunch had been decided as Charlie and Robyn had found a pancake place on their first visit but were unable to go back the next time as it was closed. So this is what we were subjected to.

Who didn't finish?
After that ginormous lunch we walked around an area called "The Rocks". Loads of old buildings, shops, cafes and a museum.

 We stopped to watch a street artist do his stuff.

As night fell we took the ferry round to Darling Harbour. The brige looked fab all lit up.
We sailed past the fun fair, Luna Park.
Scary face!

As we strolled around Darling Harbour we spotted this sign.


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