Friday, 12 July 2013

Last day with Charlie & Robyn

A bit of a sad day today. It's our last day with Charlie and Robyn but we've already made plans for a family get together-type holiday in 2017. So today we decided to take the ferry up to the Olympic Park to check out the stadium ready for Saturdays game.

But before that we met up at the Queen Victoria Building or as the locals call it the QVB. It is full of amazing stained glass windows. This one, as Charlie said, is like an eye ball.
Fabulous windows,

As we walked down to Circular Quays we saw the amazing Westfield tower, which houses a revolving restaurant. 
You can see this tower where ever you look in Sydney. We didn't go up because I'm not good with heights. I'm ok with looking out but looking down just scares me rigid!

The ferry took us past those usual sights that you know by now. What we hadn't realised was that the Olympic park was about 2 km from the ferry drop off!!! Good job we were on the bus route. 

The ANZ stadium is fantastic. Although not as high as Twickenham it can hold 80,000+ spectators. 
Quite a few Lions fans were also checking out the venue.

We had been told to go up to the 17th Floor of the nearby Novotel hotel, to a viewing gallery, to see more of the Olympic park. 
Great views
We spent the afternoon eating our Subway sandwiches, supping our NZ Sav Blanc(courtesy of Charlie & Robyn)just watching the world go by.

For our last evening together we went to a restaurant in The Rocks, which was a DIY BBQ.

 You bought your meat, 

followed the suggested bbq times and then cooked your own meal. 

Fill you plate with salad.

and eat it all up!

 Our last photo together.
 See you in 2017


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