Friday, 5 July 2013

Last day in Melbourne.

After all that excitement yesterday we had a lie in and a slow morning. Today is our last day in Melbourne and we have really enjoyed the city. We thought we would have a walk down to the Immigration museum. Melbourne has loads of little arcades and lanes. Some are beautifully restored.

We've been in Melbourne 7 days and we've just found this gorgeous tea room

 I know you won't believe this but we walked on by (we had just eaten). I must say this has not been the the tour of cakes as in New Zealand.

We whiled away the afternoon in the museum which was very good apart from a depressing exhibition called Leaving Dublin. We thought it would be about early immigrants but it was about people leaving Dublin in 2012 for all sorts of reasons but mainly work. 

A quiet day today as tonight we are going on the Colonial Tram Restaurant to celebrate Phil's Birthday.

Here's the tram, a beautiful restored carriage. It felt a bit like the Orient Express but much smaller.

 We had a sumptuous meal. We decided to try Kangaroo as this might be the only time we see one!

 It was delicious. Followed by steak, a cheese board and finally the desert.
We took advantage of the free drinks.
 A s we dined we toured the street of Melbourne. Unfortunately as it was really dark we only spotted a few places we recognised.
 A totally enjoyable evening.

Tomorrow a flight to Sydney and meeting up with brother Charlie and sister in law Robyn.

I must point out that Charlie has been our travel agent for this trip and has recommended most of the places we have been. He hasn't given us any bad advice, thanks Charlie 

So if your planning a trip down under let me know  and Ill pass on all the info.

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