Tuesday, 2 July 2013

2nd Test maybe the decider?

This could be the day that decides the series. You can feel the tension in the air. The town is a sea of red, thousands of fans have descended. 
After a sleep in this morning we had a late lunch at a BBQ bar.
A massive zen man burger consisting of smoked brisket .....yum.
As we walked towards the stadium we spotted this street sign do you think it was an omen. 
For the non rugby people Warburton is the name of the Lions captain.
Lots of fans in the pubs.

Quite like this guy's jacket

 Beautiful views across the harbour.
Included in our package was a pre-match together with free drinks and food.

And we were entertained by none other than the Manic Street Preachers...Fabulous

My photos are from the big screens as I was too far away. But it set the crowd up for the main event.

We had quite a drama at the stadium as our tickets were rejected at the turnstile and we spent a VERY stressful 20 minutes sorting it out. But it came good in the end when we were upgraded to Platinium seats. Very nice it was too with padded seats, great view but we were surrounded by wallabies.

I forgot to mention it was Phil's birthday today and he put on his full face paint for the occasion.

By now you will know the result and this week it was our turn to miss the winning kick. 
So it's off to Sydney for the decider.


  1. That's one big burger!......

  2. You look amazes...or dazed... in the last phot. Looks like you are both having a really good time x Jan Nich x


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