Saturday, 13 July 2013

The big game

Today's the day. How will it end? in tears, in joy, the next 12 hours will tell. We had to fill in about 6 hours before we went to the lions den. So we decided to walk down to the Botanical gardens and Mrs Macquaries chair. Story goes that the Governor's wife was so homesick for England that she walked every day to the end of the harbour and sat and waved to the ships leaving for England. Thank God for wifi is all I say.

    We had a wander through the Botanical gardens and saw some amazing trees.

and birdies
These are the Fleet Steps, this where the Queen alights from her boat when she visits Australia.
I forgot to count them.
Back to the hotel to get ready for the main event.Time to don the red shirt (and the smoggie hat).

The mood in the Lions Den was very subdued. It took the Manic Street Preachers to raise the crowd.
No problems getting into the stadium this time.
Plenty of gold in the crowd. It was noticeable that there seemed to be a bit of selective seating arrangements! Lots of Aussies in the lower tiers whereas there were solid blocks of red higher up. Probably so that it looked good on the telly. 
But that didn't help them. Once Cobisero scored that first try within 2 mins the Lions were lifted, belief was restored. Even though the Wallabies got within 3 points you could just feel that it was going the Lions way.
Full time .....we thumped them 41-16. As the Wallabie's fans left the Lions were chanting "cheerio, cheerio, cheerio" BRILLIANT. Words cannot describe the atmosphere. Unbelievable.

 16 years since the Lions have won a test series and we were there.

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